Rocketbirds: Revolution!

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Down with the penguin oppressors!


  • Looks great
  • Brilliant sound
  • Funny


  • Load times between screens

Very good

Rocketbirds: Revolution! is a bird-based espionage platformer. Take control of a Rambo-like chicken - HardBoiled - then infiltrate and destroy the evil Penguin dictator!

This a Flash-based game, and it looks gorgeous. The cartoon style is excellent, with well drawn characters, really detailed backgrounds and surprisingly good lighting effects. But it's the sound that really shines in Rocketbirds: Revolution! - the FX are perfect, and the ambient noises are really impressive and atmospheric. They are so good, it's actually surprising to hear them in such a humorous game!

Instructions are given to you as the game begins, and the controls are actually pretty simple. The one action button will shoot, pick things up and operate machinery depending on where you are.

What's unusual about Rocketbirds: Revolution! is that there is no scrolling - but rather a series of screens. This isn't a terrible thing in theory, but unfortunately the load times between them can get annoying. It's not a very long time, but if you accidentally pop back into a screen and run forward again, there's an annoying pause, especially annoying during combat.

Rocketbirds: Revolution! offers a traditional mix of platforms, puzzles and shooting. It has wonderful graphics and sound, but it slightly let down by loading times between screens.

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Rocketbirds: Revolution!


Rocketbirds: Revolution! Demo

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